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Our Story

The SRS Foundation is a beacon of hope and positive change, founded and led by Nasreen B khan, our dedicated chairperson. Nasreen, who calls Atlanta, Georgia, home, brings her Pakistani heritage and a global perspective to the heart of our organization.

Our Chairperson - Nasreen B khan

Nasreen B khan is not just a leader; she’s a visionary committed to making the world a better place. With a deep-rooted passion for social transformation and a relentless drive to effect change, Nasreen stands at the forefront of our mission.

Our Mission

At the core of the SRS Foundation is a profound commitment to making the world a better place. Our mission is to empower individuals and communities to break free from the shackles of violence, inequality, and hunger. We believe that every person deserves the opportunity to thrive, regardless of their circumstances.

Our Vision

Our vision is a world where:

No one lives in fear of domestic violence.
Every child has access to education, care, and support.
Shelter homes provide a haven for children in need.
Transgender individuals have opportunities for sustainable livelihoods and acceptance.
Hunger is a distant memory, and everyone has access to nutritious food.
Every child has access to education, care, and support.

Global Reach, Local Impact

While our journey began in Pakistan, our aspirations know no boundaries. The SRS Foundation actively engages in projects and initiatives that can bring about change anywhere in the world. We firmly believe that positive change starts at home but has the potential to reach far beyond.

Meet Our Team

Our dedicated team of professionals, volunteers, and partners work tirelessly to turn our mission and vision into reality. Together, we bring a wealth of experience, skills, and passion to the table.

Our numbers that speak

We have numbers that push us to give in our best and make sure that we break our own records. We are happy to be growing and helping more day by day.
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